What is Badger Wax?

Badger Wax is a unique combination of ultra fine teflon powder and paraffin wax which provides the ultimate dry lubricant solution for your bike.

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  • Cleanliness

    Badger Wax keeps your drivetrain efficient, clean and lubricated.

  • Performance

    The PTFE micro powder in Badger Wax reduces friction from your drivetrain.

  • Protection

    A clean and well lubricated bike chain extends the life of your drivetrain.

  • Efficiency

    Using Badger Wax means you can spend less time maintaining your bike and more time riding it!

Want to start waxing your chain?

We offer complete kits for cyclists who want to start using dry lubrication to protect their drive train. Our kits include wax and teflon powder additive, chains and accessories to suit a range of drive train configurations.

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